Six Foot Six – Kit de Waal

Hey! Now I have to say as I am writing this it is the 3rd of May and recently I have read soooooo many books that I have seven scheduled! For next seven weeks I will have posts covered and I still have two more reviews to do after this one. Like WHATTTTT!! Anyway you probably don’t care but for my future self you are welcome. Also reader you are welcome as over the next couple of months (the last couple of months for you) I have been doing my GCSE’s and luckily for you I planned ahead to ensure that you still had a weekly post from me. ANYWAYYYYYYY. I f you are still reading by this point. Sorry for that little Interduction. (Interlude/ Introduction) Enjoy reading and leave me a comment if you have read this book/ will read this book!



It’s an exciting day for Timothy Flowers. It’s the third of November, and it’s Friday, and it’s his twenty-first birthday. When Timothy walks to his usual street corner to see his favourite special bus, he meets Charlie. Charlie is a builder who is desperate for Timothy’s help because Timothy is very tall, six foot six inches. Timothy has never had a job before – or no work that he’s kept for more than a day. But when Timothy and Charlie have to collect money from a local thug, things don’t exactly go according to plan… Over the course of one day, Timothy’s life will change forever.


8/10. This was a great book for so many reasons. I am not a huge fan of books that take about 50 pages before the book actually starts and as this is a short story it gets straight in which is amazing! Also this book was only £1! Like whatttttttttt! an absolute bargain for a cracking book. (does anyone even use the word cracking anymore? Even so I will!) This book just shows how those you meet could change your life in a blink of an eye and who knows what is just around the corner. In this case Timothy literally didn’t know what was around the corner! (hint hint: there is a corner involved in the story).

Reading Time:

80 pages. An hour.


I am aware not everyone is committed to reading a whole 400 or so page long book and in which case this is a book for you! This book took me about an hour to read and I don’t consider myself a quick reader so it could easily be squeezed into your day if you read the  book! I would also recommend this book to those that don’t necessarily enjoy reading as if you find something that you enjoy to read. (For me that isn’t a problem because I will read literally anything). Then you are more likely to want to discover more books and I think that short stories are a great way to explore the reading world.


For a short book that was a long review so thank you to you if you managed to get to this point. Well to be fair you wouldn’t be reading this if you had not made it this fair so I don’t completely know why I added that point. SIDETRACKED. Thank you for reading.

Always ready to type…EmbumbleX


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